Oh Maternity Clothes

I’m posting two posts today because I got a LOT of maternity clothes this week.  First, I went back to Stitch Fix for some stuff.  I told my stylist I was pregnant and I needed some casual items and some professional items.  I Have learned this week that my version of professional and others version of professional are not the same.

I received:


This Asher Maternity Dress for $138.  It was ok.  It might be cute with a bump.  But for $138 I need more than just ok and “might be cute.”  Also, it is once again navy and orange.  I am a Hokie.  I am not a UVA grad.  Navy and orange are not part of my daily attire.  😉


This Mariana Maternity Empire Waist Stripe knit top.  I felt like this was something my kids would wear and I wasn’t sure if it would work with the bump for the whole pregnancy.  It was the most professional item I received.  Cost: $48.  It was returned.


This Adriano Maternity knit Dolman top.  I did like this one.  So I kept it.  The fit was nice.  It should work for the whole pregnancy and I could possible dress it up with a skirt for days in the office.  Cost: $68.


This Abia Maternity knit top. I felt about this one like I felt about the above shirt.  I think I can dress it up some. It’s comfortable and should fit the entire pregnancy.  Cost: $48.

Also, I am wearing a pair of Kera Maternity Skinny jeans above which were in my box.  Eh.  I didn’t love them.  They weren’t particularly comfortable and for $118, I want comfy.

I ended up keeping two shirts.  Not bad.

I also ordered a BumpStyle Box.  This seemed a lot like Front Door Fashion, which we all know I love, so I thought I’d try it.  When I pulled out the clothes, I sent a text to my bestie which said “Apparently my version of professional and their version of professional is not the same.  Unless my profession is hooker.  Which it’s not.”

631 632 623 624 625 626 627 628 629 630

Those are all the clothes I received.  I kept three things.  The black leggings because we can all use black leggings in our lives.  The Coral dress.  And the black floral skirt.  The red dress, which was by Tees by Tina, which is a brand I ADORE, was WAY too curve hugging for me to wear to the office, much less to court.  The white dress was quite see through (which is why I left the leggings on in the picture).  I felt like I was trying to fly in the poncho type shirt.  The red shirt had elephants on it.  Which is something my 3 year old would wear.  The blue shirt was ok, and it said it was maternity, but there is NO way it would stretch over a belly in the future.  The maxi was ok but it had zero shape to it.  And the jeans…well, Honestly I liked them.  But they were crazy expensive for jeans I will only wear for 6 months.  Oh, they also sent spanx.  I kept those.

So, all in all, these two boxes resulted in a couple of ok things but I was not overly impressed.  I don’t think that I will do another bump style box.  I might do one more stitch fix during the pregnancy simply because I will need winter clothes at some point.

Just wait though…as always, Carson at Front Door Fashion NEVER disappoints me.  And they don’t even CARRY maternity clothes!


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