NON-Maternity Maternity Clothes

When I found out I was pregnant and felt like this one was going to REALLY happen, I realized I needed clothes.  I had maternity clothes but last time I was pregnant was different for a few reasons.  First: I had all of my BFF’s maternity clothes so I barely bought anything.  Second: I was working in the office 100% of the time and NOT going to court.  Third: I was pregnant for summer and early fall.

Long story short.  Very few of the maternity clothes I had would work, at least not for the duration of the pregnancy.  So I emailed my Front Door Fashion stylist Carson and asked her if they did maternity styling.  The answer?  At first a disappointing “No.”  But then she surprised me.  She said “Even though we don’t CARRY maternity clothes, I think I can style you with other clothes that you will like and will work for your pregnancy.”

Intriguing.  Clothes I can wear WHILE pregnant but also when I’m not?  I like this idea.

Let’s face it.  Having kids is expensive.  And it’s not just the whole doctors appointments, hospital births, baby supplies, baby clothes, furniture, etc.  But BEING pregnant is expensive because MOST of our wardrobes will NOT work while pregnant.  Add to that, I am going to Federal Court a lot now and I can’t just wear whatever there.  I was desperate for some NICE clothes.  But I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on NICE clothes that I will wear for 6 months and get rid of.  It sucks.

So I asked Carson to send me a box.

Have I mentioned before how much I love Carson?  I have, haven’t I?

The box came yesterday.

646 648

Let’s start with these two Trina Turk dresses.  How much do you love them???  I do.  Again, these are NOT maternity dresses but they should work for most of my pregnancy.  Not pictured is a beautiful scarf sent with the black dress and a blazer that I absolutely LOVED but it was just too small on my arms.  😦  I kept both of these dresses and the scarf.  Luckily I do have other black blazers I feel like I can wear with the black dress and it will be perfect for court.

649 650

Next I had two pairs of leggings, this ivory shirt and scarf and this red tank and poncho (Tank and Poncho are also Trina Turk).  I didn’t keep the leggings because I have a ton of leggings (maternity and non-maternity) already.  I also sent back the ivory shirt.  I really liked it, but it was a little snug on my arms and I was afraid I wouldn’t like it enough to wear it if it was snug there.  I did keep the scarf, red tank and poncho.  I won’t be wearing the poncho to court, but I will be wearing it to the office.  Again, none of these clothes are labeled “Maternity” but should work for the duration of my pregnancy.

652 653

Black pencil skirt.  It’s perfect.  It’s going to work the entire pregnancy because of where it lays on me.  The blue shirt is just adorable and will work for most of the pregnancy (well, maybe all – as long as I don’t get as big as I did with the twins, it should make it a long way).  The skirt and blue top are PERFECT for court.  Throw on a blazer and the look is complete.  The red floral shirt is very flowey (is that a word?  Probably not) and is perfect for me to wear to work at the office.  It’s a little bold for the courts I currently practice in but it’s perfect for work and also play, I think.  And to think when I started using FDF, I said no to florals.  I’m glad Carson changed my mind!

654 655

Finally, black pants and another blue top with a black blazer.  It’s already a perfect courtroom look!!!  This blazer fit nicely and I can wear it with the above outfits when I want a looser fitting blazer.  Also, Carson mentioned this outfit would be so comfortable I would feel like I was in my pjs.  She was RIGHT.  Next the midi skirt and black shirt.  Super comfy and perfect for days in the office.

Not pictured is a black tank by Tees by Tina.  Her tees are amazing.  If you don’t have any tanks by her, go get one.  You will not regret it.  Also not pictured is a great matte silver necklace, which I kept.

So if you were keeping count, I kept everything but a blazer that was snug on the arms, an ivory shirt that was snug on the arms and two pairs of leggings because I didn’t really need them.

Again, FDF does NOT carry maternity clothes but Carson was nice enough to pull from what they had to give me things she felt would work for my pregnancy.  THIS was a win.  I will be able to wear all of this for the pregnancy and after.  I’m already wearing the first Trina dress pictured.  🙂

If you want to look into getting a box from FDF, click here!  It’s my referral code and I’ll get a credit (BUT through the end of September, you get one too!).


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