Front Door Fashion Part 2

Two months ago, I received my first box from Front Door Fashion and I LOVED it.  Absolutely loved it.  I told myself I could not order a box every month, but maybe every other month.  So when the time came I was so excited to order my second box.

I was NOT disappointed.

Honestly, it’s like Carson knows me.  She knows just how far to push me out of my comfort zone in fashion without going TOO far.  When my box came, here’s what I saw:

FDFI love that the clothes come in a garment bag.  It’s a nice touch.  As you can see, there are notes attached to each set of outfits.  The first dress I saw, I immediately loved.


So cute!  I loved the cardi with it as well.  That was easy.

The second dress was also a slam dunk.  It’s white, which is not a color I wear often so it’s not a color I own a lot of (let’s face it, I have kids and kids are messy) but it was so beautiful and by Trina Turk – one of my favorite designers.  I’ll just wear it when I’m not around the kids . Or spaghetti.  🙂


Next was a pair of pants with a couple shirt options.  Carson warned me the trousers were SUPER long and would need hemmed.  THAT was an understatement (ok, probably not for most women, but I am short).  I loved the fit though so I’ll have them hemmed.  I also loved the tops.  You’ll see my look of not quite being sure of the cardi in the last pic but, honestly, I like it enough to keep it so I am.  🙂  The cardigan in the FIRST pic was amazing.  It has a split back and shows the detail of the shirt.  LOVE it.


Next were a couple pairs of shorts.  The first was a simply khaki pair with a neutral shirt.  They are shorter than I usually wear but honestly, they were so comfortable that I loved them.


Next were the bright orange shorts.  This is where Carson takes me RIGHT to the edge of my comfort zone and, honestly, when I first looked at them I thought “no.”  But when I put them on with the tank, which Carson says is her favorite tank (which, honestly, is probably MY favorite tank as well, so comfortable and flattering), I was sold.  She sent another top in the same orange color as well which I like, but I’m not sure that I will wear it with those shorts, maybe with the khaki ones more often than the orange ones, but I did love it so I kept it as well.

orange short

Next I had two skirts.  I’m loving maxi dresses and maxi skirts this season and she sent me a pleated maxi skirt with two top options.  I’m short, so I definitely need to wear a heel under it but it is adorable in person and on.


Finally is the striped skirt for work.  The cut is super flattering and the black top she sent to wear with it is probably one of my favorite things from this box.  The other top is also really comfortable and I think flattering with the skirt.


Finally, jewelry.  I received two pieces of jewelry this fix.  A pair of earrings and a bracelet.  Both were in a shade of blue and both were kept.


Did you keep track?  If so, you realize I kept EVERY single item from this box.  All of it.  I loved it all.

Also, for those who are curious, I do still get a stitch fix box every three months.  I kept everything out of my most recent box, but there was one issue.  Here’s what I received:


Does anyone see the issue, other than the fact every item was blue?  No?  See that last shirt?  Now look here.  Yup, I got the exact same shirt 10 months ago from them.  I ended up keeping it again and giving it to the bestie because it was cheaper to keep it all than to send back that one thing.

What does Front Door Fashion do differently?  I think they may keep better records of what they have sent you.  Carson even referred back to my prior box and mentioned some pieces that would look good with my new pieces.  It’s definitely a more personal experience although, like I said before, I do enjoy both services greatly.

I can’t wait until it’s time to get another FDF box though!  🙂


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