I love clothes

Have I mentioned before how much I love clothes?  Like seriously LOVE them.  I have a closet full.  In fact, my closet was SO full at one point one of the rods broke and the husband and I had to actually tear down everything and redesign it.

However, I do not WEAR all of my clothes.  I have a few pieces, mostly in dark colors, that I wear all the time.  A long time ago, I signed up for Stitch Fix. I like Stitch Fix a lot because you receive 5 items in the cost range of your choice and returns are super easy.  You can read about a lot of my Stitch Fixes here.

However, if you clicked on that link above, you’ll see I haven’t written about a single Stitch Fix since July of 2014.  I am still receiving them.  I just haven’t had very many amazing boxes in about 8 months.  There’s nothing WRONG with them.  In fact, I think I keep a few items from every box.  But it hasn’t been anything to blog about.

Then I tried Keaton Row.  Keaton Row was a little different.  You requested look books from a stylist and then you would purchase what you liked from your book.  I purchased a few items out of my first book but I haven’t requested one since.  It seemed like too much work for me.  I like just getting a big box of clothes and going through it.

So, the other day I saw an ad for Front Door Fashion.  So I thought I would try it.  I took time filling out my profile and I was contacted fairly quickly by my stylist, Carson.  She asked some questions, asked to see pics of me, and then, as she put together my box, she even emailed me to see if I might like something she thought would look good on me but I had indicated I wasn’t a huge fan of.  I told her to send it on.

I am SO glad she contacted me to see if I would want it instead of skipping it because of what I said on my profile.  Today I received this box:


It was a lot bigger than the Stitch Fix boxes I was used to.  It came UPS instead of USPS like the Stitch Fix boxes and a signature was required (so I had it sent to my work address).  I was even more pleasantly surprised to open the box and see this:


Yes, the clothes are shipped inside a garment bag.  And are on hangers.  Which is a good thing because I recently threw out every extra hanger in my house.  I wish I had taken more pics as I unboxed but, quite frankly, I was so freaking excited when I saw the VERY FIRST dress that I just started throwing the clothes on my body.  So, when you open your garment bag, you have outfits which are put together for you.  There’s a handwritten note from your stylist (I like that personal touch) along with a packing slip.  I’m glad I looked more closely at it than I thought I would because each outfit grouping is listed separately and the stylist puts a note about each set.

Set one she called Pops of Color and it is the dress she ALMOST didn’t send me, along with a blazer.  It’s absolutely beautiful (please ignore my super white legs in these pics, I have not been out in the sun since October).


Really, how beautiful is that dress?  And the blazer on top of it?  I wish I had ordered my box sooner!

The next set was called Pencil Skirt Perfection.  Pencil skirts are awesome because they show off curves so perfectly on everyone.  For this she sent a couple options.  The skirt, an eggplant colored tunic, a chevron infinity scarf, a navy blouse and a chain tassel necklace.  I didn’t get a pic of the necklace but I am already wearing it so obviously I love it.  Carson warned me the tunic looked a little scary on the hanger….she was right.  But on?  SO cute.


That’s it with the infinity scarf.  Next I tried it on with the navy top and, as she suggested, I added the cream colored blazer that she sent with the dress in Pops of Color.


She also recommended shoes for the outfits with a shoe card that was enclosed. I know I will be referring to her ideas all the time.

The next set was called Casually Sophisticated.  This is the only set that I had problems with but it wasn’t because of what she sent at all.  Enclosed were white jeans, a mint scarf (no pic but I love it), a Blue long sleeve top, a green short sleeve top and a belt (no pic again but again I love it).  The jeans were just too tight on me.  Here are two pics – the Jeans with both tops.


My thighs look HUGE.  I’m working on making them smaller so maybe soon.  The jeans are going back.  I liked the green shirt but I have one almost identical in my closet so I decided to send it back as well.  The blue top, totally keeping.  I love it.  So, going back are the jeans and the green top.

Next is the Date Night set.  I was so excited to see this dress because I am a HUGE fan of Trina Turk.  I LOVE TT fabrics and designs and I always think the TT clothes look so fun.  This dress is totally fun.  She paired it with a very thin black cardigan which I originally thought “Oh, I have tons of those, I don’t need this one” but I loved the way it draped on me so it’s staying in my closet as well.


And, believe it or not, there is still ONE MORE SET.  This is Blue is the New Black  Carson sent me a very cute skirt in a midnight blue color, a sleeveless top in Mist, a multicolored jacket and a dark burgundy cowl neck top.  Once I got these pieces on I wanted to have Carson come move in with me and take care of all my clothing needs for the rest of my life.  Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but I will DEFINITELY use her to style me for as long as she does this job.

154 153


So, overall, my first trip into the world of Front Door Fashion was a HUGE success.  At least, in regards to the items I received and I want to keep….my purse, however, is probably going to be angry.  However, they do send you items based on your budget.

As a direct comparison to Stitch Fix, I feel like FDF has more top name labels.  The cost is more, but the quality is better.  I’d rather have a few higher quality pieces than a ton of lesser quality pieces that I don’t feel as good in.  SF gives style cards to show you how to style the pieces they send with pieces you may already have, which is cool, but I love how FDF sends entire outfits so there is no guess work.  If Carson says this looks good together, it looks good together.  End of story.  😉

I do recommend both services.  I like how personalized FDF is but it is an expense.  I wasn’t surprised by the cost of any of the items in my box though (except the fact the belt she sent was only $15 and the infinity scarf was only $18, but those were, of course, nice surprises).  Now the only thing left to do is get a tan, slim down my legs a little, and send back the two items I’ve decided not to keep.

Not a bad day of shopping at all.  🙂


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