The Woman Wars

This isn’t about moms (well, not directly).

This is about women.

Seriously, WHAT is wrong with us?  Why must we beat each other down just to make ourselves feel better?  Why can’t we just accept other women’s choices and say “Good for her for doing what she wants!” Rather than saying “Oh My GAWD, did you hear what she DID?”

Now, if what she did was cheat on her perfectly nice husband, I might take part in that conversation.  I am not without a gossipy moment or two in my life.

But what if she did something to make herself feel better about herself?

Would you say something negative about someone if she got a haircut?  Or dyed her hair?  Or got a mani/pedi?

Of course not.

But would you say something about someone who had plastic surgery?  What if someone had a “mommy makeover”?  What if they told you that in confidence?  Would you then tell everyone you know and make fun of them?

I wouldn’t.  But apparently some people do.

Locally, someone had plastic surgery.  She had a few things tightened and lifted.  Nothing you would notice.  In fact, when I see her, I can’t tell.  But let’s face it, she did not have this surgery for me.  She had it for herself.  And you know what?  I think that’s great.

Also, locally, some people are whispering quietly about it.  “Did you know she had THAT done?”

Really?  Are we all so shallow that we think doing something to make oneself feel better is a sin?

I get my hair dyed to cover the grays.  Does anyone whisper about that?  I doubt it.  I get my hair cut ever 8 weeks.  Is that an offense worth whispering about?  Nope.  I had a pedicure over the weekend….the horror of it all.

You know what I would say if the subject came up between me and this woman?  I would ask her how she feels, how it went and where she got it done, just in case I decide in the future I want that twin skin tucked back in.  And if I had no interest in the subject, I just wouldn’t say anything.

Because THAT is the right thing to do.  gossip


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