Time for a Fix

A 21 Day Fix, that is.

I’m working on getting my extra weight off.  I’m working on getting healthy and eating healthy.  But it takes time.  It takes effort.  It takes a LOT of motivation.

The fact I’ve been seeing results by running and keeping a very basic count of my calories has really helped with my motivation.  But I’m one of those people who wants it now.  So I decided to try for some drastic results in the hope that I can keep those results as my new norm.  We will see how this works.

A friend is a beach body coach and she is doing a 21 day fix group, which I joined.  It looks easy enough.  You eat based on the amount of containers you are allowed in a day, not based on the calories because, let’s face it.  You can eat 1200 calories of pure junk or you can eat 1200 calories of healthy meals.  The number does not matter.  It’s what is IN that number that counts.

I have my cute colored containers.  I have my workout dvds.  I’m now just waiting for March 2 to arrive so I can start full force.

Beach body has been good for me.  I did insanity almost 2 years ago and I had amazing results.  But my fitness level is not up to Insanity right now.  So my goal is to do 21 day fix for 21 days.  Maybe a second go at it if I feel like I could do better.  Then I will once again try Insanity.

Shakeology has also been good for me.  A lot of people say shakes are not good for you and I agree that some are not.  Shakeology has been the one I have found that keeps me full and makes me feel better in general.  I add a few things to mine (for chocolate shakes, I add ice, frozen strawberries and a little peanut butter.  For greenberry I add ice, frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple and frozen blueberries).  They’re tasty.  They’re healthy.  AND they give me a TON of needed protein.  Protein is my biggest issue.  I cannot get enough protein.

I’ll update on 21 day fix as I go along.  This weekend I am planning out every meal for the three week period so that I can be ready.  At least breakfast is taken care of…shakes!


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