Before Kids – After Kids

Before I had kids, I thought I knew it all.  I thought “I’ll never be one of THOSE moms.”

You know the type.  The moms who are consumed by their children.  The moms who choose their kids over their friends every.single.time.  The moms who discuss potty training and boogers like they’re talking about the new releases at the theater.

I am so totally one of those moms now.

Before kids – I would laugh when a friend with kids would say she couldn’t do something because little Jimmy had to go bed by 8.

After kids –  I stare at my watch when we are at the store to make sure I don’t miss the sleeping hour by even a minute because if they aren’t in bed at 8, they won’t go to bed until 11.

Before kids – I would roll my eyes when friends would turn down going out for drinks to stay home with their kids.

After kids – I avoid even being asked to go out for drinks because I’d rather be with my kids.

Before kids – I didn’t understand why someone would want to skip a party to take their kids out on some adventure.

After kids – I look forward to DisneyWorld and Disney on Ice and Chuck E Cheese like I’M the three year old because seeing the world through their eyes makes it much more magical and less depressing.

Before kids – I would judge my friends who didn’t clean their house daily because of the toys and mess of life with kids.

After kids – I pick up for thirty minutes every night but if it’s not perfect, it’s just not perfect.

Before kids – I would avoid conversations of how well little Jenny is doing peeing on the potty.

After kids – I want to scream to the world when Little G and Little C make it to the potty.

Before kids – I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to HAVE kids.

After kids – I can’t begin to understand why anyone would ever want to go through life without kids.

When you become a mom, things change.  Your world changes.  What was important is no longer because the only things that matter are those little tiny humans who need you.  It makes the world much more bearable to have those little humans around.

Even when they crawl into bed with you and steal your pillow.1653909_10103103672257773_2731889251803219421_n


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