Life Happens

When I was pregnant with my daughters I only gained between 20 and 25 pounds (pretty sure 5 pounds of it was swelling weight I gained in the final few days).  After I gave birth, I dropped that 25 pounds in no time.  In fact, I dropped 30.

Hate me.  Go ahead.  I hate me for that too.

Because when you LOSE it that fast (8 days, it took 8 days), you will gain it back if you aren’t careful.  And I did.

It came back slowly.  But suddenly, one day, I realized I had gained back 15 pounds of what I lost.  So I started looking at what caused it and I realized…

I caused it.


It’s my fault.

I could work out, but I didn’t.  There are always excuses.  No time to go to the gym.  Wanting to spend time with my daughters.  Wanting to sleep.

I ran a 5k in October.  Well, that’s not true.  I participated in a 5k.  I did not train.  I had not ran in, literally, years, before I lined up for this 5k.  I finished.  My time was not pretty.  Four years ago I could run a 5k in 35 minutes.  4 months ago, I ran it in 50, which, let’s face it, means I walked most of it.

I told myself that night I was getting my time back.  I was going to beat my PR.  I was I was I was.

And then I didn’t.

And then I saw a picture of me with my girls and I thought “Who is that fat girl?”  I am not fat, but I LOOKED fat.  I did not look like me.  So I asked my husband to help.  I asked him to start watching the girls in the afternoons and for a couple hours on Saturday and Sunday so I can exercise again.

I’m running again.  My 5k time is now around 41 minutes.  I’ve been running for less than 3 weeks and I’ve knocked 9 minutes off my time.  I’m not running for 41 minutes.  I’m only running for 8 – 10 minutes of that but I’m doing it.  I will lose those 15 pounds again.  And more.  Because I need to be happy with myself again.

It’s so much easier to do this with friends.  I push myself harder when I have friends with me at the gym.  It’s fun.  And when I can send a text to a friend that says “My ass hurts so bad I can’t move” and get the response of “Mine too.  Damn that stripper move.”  I know that we are doing something right.  And we will get where we want to be.


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