Dinner with Twins

Being a working mom and trying to juggle life is hard.  No, this isn’t a “Working moms have it harder post.”  This is a Life is Hard Post and here is why MY life is hard.

Here’s my day:

3:30 am: wake up as Twin B crawls into my bed.

4:45 am: Wake up when the husband’s alarm goes off so he can go to the gym (sometimes I’m awakened more than 10 times in a row as he hits snooze until 6:30 am).

5:30 am: Wake up when Twin A comes downstairs and wakes me up to say “I’m going to sleep in the floor until morning.”

6:30 am: Wake up for the day.  Take a 3 minute shower while the girls yell for me because the second I got out of bed, they both bounced up ready for the day.

6:40 am: Make breakfast – eggs or pancakes most mornings.  Cereal bars on my lazy mornings.

6:50 am: Run back and forth between straightening my hair and stopping the fights between the girls over who gets to sit on which end of the couch or carry a specific babydoll around.

7:00 am: Put on my makeup with two little girls watching while they also put on their makeup (translucent powder on a makeup brush – Sometimes we do things we think we won’t, like let our toddlers wear makeup, just to get through the morning).

7:10 am: Do the hotdog dance while making lunches.

7:15 am: Search for clothes for the girls to wear to school.

7:20 am: search for more clothes because they don’t like what I picked.

7:30 am: Get girls dressed while chasing them through the house, refilling cups, and rocking the babydoll.

7:40 am: Get myself dressed for the day (I NEVER do this before dressing the girls or I end up having to change because of various….things ending up on me).

7:50 am: Load kids, lunch boxes, and all their goodies that are going to school with them into the car.

8:00 am: daycare drop off.

8:10 am until 5:oo pm: work.

5:10 pm: Pick up kids.

5:20 pm: start dinner (this is the important part).

5:45ish pm: Eat dinner.

6:15 pm: Play with the kids.  Bathe the kids.  Do whatever until bedtime.

7:45 pm: Kids go to bed.

After that I work some more or work out and clean the kitchen, fold laundry, do whatever task needs done.


So dinner.  Dinner is always a struggle so I’ve started implementing meal planning.  Sunday and Monday I plan something.  Wednesday and Thursday I plan something.  Fridays and Saturdays we play it by ear (sometimes we aren’t home so it’s easier – the freezer stays stocked full of random meals I can make in a pinch).

Tuesdays is Twin night.  I let the girls decide what’s for dinner.  Most nights they request Pizza or Hamburgers.  I throw in a healthy side and off we go.  Last night, however, was cheese night.

“What’s for dinner?” I asked them.

“Mac and Cheese!” Charlee yelled (they do love their mac and cheese).

“Grill cheese!” Gabi yelled (it’s not just mac and cheese they love…it’s cheese).

Ok, so I could make the executive decision to make soup with grilled cheese.  Or something else with mac and cheese but I’ve found that giving my girls control of this ONE thing, this ONE dinner each week, has made them so happy.  They love Twin Tuesdays.  And I want them to always feel confident in their decisions, even if that decision is to eat three times their body weight in cheese.  So we had grilled cheese and mac and cheese.

And they ate every bite.

When you have two kids that struggle at gaining weight, anytime they will eat an entire meal it’s a win.  Even if the meal doesn’t include green beans or chicken.

They get enough of that the other days of the week.


2 thoughts on “Dinner with Twins

  1. such a good read! now that the girls are 6 months and starting some solids for fun at dinner time I have found myself wondering how on earth I will find time to make and eat dinner! your blog is so great!

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