A Book A Week: 50, 51, 52…I’m Done.

So I finished 52 books this year already.  It’s just the second week of September but I’m done.  Of course I’ll still be reading some and maybe if the books are good I’ll write about them

Book 50: Jane Was Here by Sarah Kernochan.

Not much to say about this one.  It wasn’t great but it was free so there’s that.  I don’t even know why I finished it other than I have that need to finish reading things.  It’s about a girl, Jane, who randomly shows up in a town claiming to be Jane – who lived in that town over a hundred years prior.  Eh.  It was what it was.  I wouldn’t read it again and I doubt I will read anything by Sarah Kernochan again.  It just wasn’t enjoyable.


Book 51: Don’t Try To Find Me by Holly Brown.

Holly Brown is a therapist so she was able to write about things that would be very real and very heartbreaking to families – mothers especially. This book was basically my worst nightmare.  It’s the story of a girl, Marley, who leaves a cryptic message on the family white board – “Don’t try to find me.”  The story is told by the mother, Rachel and the daughter, Marley.  It’s not a suspense novel in the normal sense.  But it is suspenseful.  Why did this 14 year old run away?  Who did she run to?  How many secrets does this family HAVE exactly?

Marley’s dad starts a media campaign to find his daughter.  Facebook, Twitter, etc.  FindMarley.com.  What he doesn’t know is that Marley doesn’t really have great access to the internet.  She wasn’t kidnapped.  She was seduced.  Through Facebook by a guy who knew a guy she knows – or so he says.  He’s 20 (he says).  They’ll get her a new identity (he says).  Things will be better (he says).

But things aren’t what they seem.  We all know what it means to be catfished at this point.  As Marley finds out who her new boyfriend, B, really is, she can’t decide what to do.  She doesn’t believe she can go home but she knows she can’t stay where she is.  She moved all the way across the country for him and now she’s alone.  Writing in her journal.  As the secrets of Marley’s family come out, her mother is a suspect in the disappearance.  It’s a web of lies.

It’s a good read.  But if you’re a mom, it’s so damn scary.


Book 52: Haunted by Kay Hooperhaunted_cover.

I love Kay Hooper and her Bishop/SCU novels.  This is book 15 and although you CAN read them out of order, I don’t recommend it.  Go back to Book 1 (Stealing Shadows) and read them in order.  The entire series will make more sense.  This book will ESPECIALLY make more sense if you read them all – there are many story lines that come together in this one book.  Honestly, I want to reread the entire series.  That’s how much I love these books.

So this is the story of Trinity, a small town sheriff, who lives in a town that is completely safe.  Until the first murder.  Then the second.  Someone is killing her friends one by one.  She calls Bishop for help – she already knew him and his unit of psychics.  I know, I know.  Psychics.  I don’t know how much I believe in psychics but I like reading books about them.

This book has my two favorite Bishop psychics – Reese and Hollis.

There are some parts that were weird – some things that are said and then simply not followed up on (or that are completely misleading for the book).  Regardless Kay Hooper is a great story teller.  Read her books so she will write more.  😉


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