A Book A Week: Books 43 through 45

I’ve been out of town a lot.  So I’ve been able to read some.  I finished three books recently.

First I listened to The Competition by Marcia Clark.


Yes, this is written by THE Marcia Clark.  I’ve got to say that I wasn’t a huge fan of her when she prosecuted the OJ trial.  Honestly, I thought she (and her team) could have done a better job.  Regardless, I chose the book on Audible for my drives while working.

This is the story of a school shooting.  And it’s REALLY good.  There are things I didn’t like – I didn’t like that we never found out if Kristy lived or died (I assume she died based on how she was shot, but her friends kept asking and no one ever found out).  I did not like how she, Rachel, felt about her boss.  She called him names, made fun of him, complained constantly about having to talk to him.  It was all so juvenile.  Maybe if I read some of the earlier Rachel Knight novels I would understand the disdain for the boss but it was simply annoying.

BUT overall the story was great.  There were twists and turns and a story line that kept you guessing.  Actually, at one point (SPOILER ALERT) I knew who the mastermind had to be.  Just wait for someone to run away and you’ll get it.

Next I read what was quite possibly the worst book I’ve ever read in my life.  NO I am not being dramatic.  The book is Silence by Natasha Preston.


Luckily I got it for free.  The story line was good.  I mean, it wasn’t horrible.  It got my attention so I kept reading.  But the writing was so amateurish.  I honestly felt like I was reading something that I would have written – when I was 12.  I can’t even explain how bad the writing was.  The grammar was off, the conversations sounded more like conversations between my two year olds than teenagers.  Well, what conversations there were – the main character didn’t speak until the end.  And there were so many story lines that were not properly wrapped up.

Maybe it is an accurate representation of how teenagers act and speak.  But, quite frankly, I don’t buy it.  I may expect too much of people though.

HOWEVER, I did get sucked in to a series.  AGAIN.  The good news is Broken Silence, which I also received for free, was a little better written.



This is the aftermath of Silence.  Cole and Oakley are reunited.  The reunion was odd.  It’s 4 years later and Oakley’s dad is JUST NOW going to trial.  She left 4 years before and this is the first time they’ve seen each other.  There’s a small fight.  But then everything is fine.  (eye roll).  Another girl is in love with Cole but she wishes him the best when Oakley returns.  Again, not likely, but whatever.

I don’t want to say “Don’t read these books” because you might like them.  I’m just not sold on them.


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