Welcome to Arendelle

Like pretty much all little girls between the ages of 2 and…well…102, my daughters absolutely LOVE the movie Frozen.  They love to run around playing Elsa and Anna.  We probably watch Frozen or listen to the soundtrack at least once a day.  And they are THOSE kids who know all the words to every song and sing them constantly.

This obsession has resulted in a change of their bedroom.  Which was fine – it was still set up in it’s nursery colors and decor:


This was actually a REALLY fun room to decorate.  There is so much cute stuff out there when you want to do a Princess room but when you want to do FROZEN it’s different.  That’s because it’s practically impossible to find Frozen decor.  It’s sold out everywhere.  The design started with some wall clings I got from Zulily during a Frozen Flash Sale.  They ended up looking SO cute on the walls.  Arendelle

Then I started scouring Etsy.  And that is where I found the best things possible for this room.  Here was my first purchase.  Simple, yet adorable:


Yes, that’s a light switch cover.  The girls also have a single switch that I purchased a cover for.  I decided not to do all the outlets because that gets expensive.  If you’re interested in this, click here.

Then I started looking for wall art.  I found two amazing pieces.  The first is a burlap print purchased from this shop that I framed myself.


The next piece REALLY makes the room.  It has the best quote from Frozen on it.


It was purchased from this shop.

So, what was I missing.  Three more things.  Two of those were bed sheets and blankets.

bedsThe blankets again came from Zulily.  The sheets and pillowcase came from an Etsy Seller.  She actually has a few different fabric options now and I might order some back up sheets because my girls LOVE sleeping with Anna and Elsa.

I almost forgot.  The final piece to the room.  The curtains.  I actually bought these pretty early on at Walmart of all places.  They are adorable and really pulled the whole room together.



And now, a before and after comparison of the beds/walls surrounding:


I love this room.  It’s amazing.  And my girls absolutely love it.  Every time someone visits they ask them if they want to see Arendelle.  And almost every night they get the same look of excitement as they go into their room for bed.  And that makes the planning worth it.



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