A Book A Week: Books 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38???

I don’t even KNOW how many books I’ve read since I last updated.  How sad is that?  Let’s make a list.

I listened to Caught by Harlan Coben.  SUCH a good story.  As a parent it made me scared to death.  As a former naive teen who probably did things she shouldn’t have, it made me thankful nothing truly bad ever happened to me (or, well, happy I didn’t die).

I read some books by Jack Kilborn.  I found out he had a grouping of 6 books that all tie in together in the final book so I wanted to read them since I had already listened to one of them.  They were Afraid, Trapped and Origin.  Origin was my least favorite of the three because it dealt with a demon and was a little out there, even for me.  Afraid was…well, frightening.  It was about a small town terrorized by super soldiers who had one mission – find Wiley and neutralize him.  Trapped was also pretty scary in a “You don’t know who you will run into in the dark” kind of way.  Oh, and there were cannibals.  Sadly, the cannibals weren’t the scariest people in this book.

SO I apparently also read two MORE books.  What can I say, I was on vacation for a couple days and a 6 hour car ride is great reading time.  The first was Little Girl Lost by Brian McGilloway.  It was ok.  It wasn’t bad but it was one of those books where a lot was going on and it was kind of hard to follow the entire story properly.  I guess the truth is, generally speaking there’s a lot going on in a cop’s life as it is so this book tried to show all the happenings and how they come together.  It was a little disjointed but all in all it was a good story.

The FINAL book was just another Mary O’Reilly mystery.  I do not know why I read these anymore.  I need to stay away from series reading.  This was called Buried Innocence.  It was hard to read.  Being a mom is hard.  Being a mom who dealt with infertility is harder.  Being a mom who dealt with infertility and then reads stories about people who give up their children to people who hurt them is torturous.  There’s your warning.

I think it’s fair to say I will definitely finish 52 books this year.


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