A Book A week: Books 30, 31 and 32

The book I read in this group was called Welcome to Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong.

This was about a girl looking for a new beginning.  But her car breaks down in some small town where she has to stay for at least a little while.  There was a lot of build up about things in this book but no real follow through.  Her ex was a drug runner who was mean and would be looking for her.  Yes, he shows up, but it just ends so quickly that it was a rather disappointing appearance of the guy.  Of course she falls in love.  Of course she finds religion.  Of course she realizes that people are good.

A few things bothered me.  She and her boyfriend (the good guy she meets in Last Chance) act like kids – as in when they have a disagreement they don’t talk about it.  They just get mad and DON’T talk.  I hate that.  People do NOT act like that so authors need to stop writing people like that.  I get it adds drama but sometimes the drama is just ridiculous.  It was a good book.  It just wasn’t as good as I think it could have been.

Audible was running a special – two books for one credit.  You had to choose between certain books which was fine, it’s easy to find two books you think you’ll find interesting when Audible does this.  The two I picked were Intervention by Terri Blackstock and Endurance by Jack Kilborn.

Intervention was about what you would expect – an intervention.  Until things went very wrong and the teenage girl who was headed to treatment was kidnapped – yet no one believed her mother when she said that’s what happened.  Instead they thought the girl was a murderer.  It’s a very religious based novel so if that sort of thing bothers you, skip it.  If it doesn’t, read it (or listen to it).  It’s a good one.

The last book is Endurance.  I have to share the book cover because the title doesn’t do this book justice.download

Ok so here is what I’ve decided after listening to this book.

I will NEVER ever EVER stay in a Bed and Breakfast again.  In fact, I will never stay anywhere in WV that isn’t the home of a family member.

The book starts out so creepy that I almost stopped listening to it.  You’re in a room in a bed and breakfast.  You’re just sitting there minding your own business when you realize someone has been inside your room.  Things have been moved.  Then you start hearing things.  It’s weird.  Not scary weird, just weird.  Then you are attacked.  You’re told “I’m going to bleed you.”

Like, WTF.  BLEED me?  You’re going to what?

Suddenly it’s one year later and we’re introduced to all the characters.  The story honestly moved at such a strong pace that it was hard for me to stop listening to it.  I ended up laying in bed one night listening because, quite frankly, I had to hear how one part ended or I wasn’t going to be able to sleep.

It’s a mix of a lot of horror stories – Wrong Turn definitely.  Some Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  A lot like the Hills have Eyes.  I love all those movies so this was a good fit.  I do not, however, read a lot of horror stories.  I think I might start though.


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