My 9th Stitch Fix

I get a Stitch Fix every 4 weeks.  If you are reading this blog and you’ve never heard of Stitch Fix, just do yourself a favor.  Click HERE and join.  Stitch Fix is a subscription clothing service which delivers a box of 5 items to your door.  You can choose the frequency of your Fixes – I do it once monthly.  You fill out a style profile and your stylist will pick the perfect pieces for you (or not so perfect sometimes but it’s all about trying it on, seeing what you like and buying what you want).  So, what does this cost?  You pay $20 up front.  If you buy ONE item, you get that $20 back.  If you buy nothing, you lose your $20.  I’ve never had a box where I didn’t find at least one thing I liked.  You can read about all my prior fixes here:  Fix 1, Fix 2, Fix 3, Fix 4, Fix 5, Fix 6, Fix 7 and Fix 8.

On to this month.  Fix 9.

In each box you receive a style card with a personal note from your stylist and information about your clothing, including pictures of great pieces to pair your clothes with.  Here’s mine from this month:



The thing I love about this card is you can tear it apart and keep only the ones for the pieces you kept.  Natalie styled me again this time.  She’s been styling me for a few months and has always done REALLY well.

This was actually the last thing I looked at but the first thing I will talk about.  It’s the Adrian Metallic Beach Tote by Echo.005

You see, part of the fun of Stitch Fix is that when you get your shipping notice you can log in and see a list of what you are getting.  Then, if you are anything like me, you will google this list and see all the goodies before you ever get them.  It’s fun.  So I googled this when I saw my list and thought “Do I need a beach tote?”  I mean, yes, I am GOING to the beach.  But do I NEED it?  I saw on another blog that it was $68 in April to buy this tote and on the Stitch Fix blog just a couple weeks ago it was listed at $58 but when I received my list it was only $48.  $20 difference 2 months later and $10 just two WEEKS later?  I guess Stitch Fix does go on sale/amend prices sometimes.  Anyway, I was torn.  Loved the tote, but again, I wasn’t sure I needed it.

The next thing was the Brody Cargo Shorts by Sanctuary.


The pictures I found online of these made them look kind of gray, and even on my style card the ones pictured are gray.  These are obviously khaki and not gray.  They are also a LITTLE shorter than what I’m used to.  I tried them on last night and thought they were a maybe.  This morning I tried them on again and they were a yes.  Strange how sleep does that to you.  The cost on these was $68.

I also received the Harley Camo Print boyfriend short by Kut from the Kloth.


Ok, so I’m NOT a camo kind of girl.  My husband IS a camo kind of guy.  But I’m just not really into wearing camo.  But these shorts were REALLY comfy.  And the camo print wasn’t so overwhelming that I felt like I was going to go kill a bear or anything.  Plus, honestly, I’m going on vacation and I need new shorts but don’t really have time to go shopping.  $68 for these.  Maybe a little expensive for shorts I’m going to buy just so I don’t have to go to the mall but I am saving gas money….

Next was a the Boregard Wavy Chevron Front Pocket Blouse by Collective Concepts.


Look!  It’s me up there.  Ok, so this shirt is so comfortable I can’t even begin to tell you how great it is.  I’m also a big fan of black and white – this shirt is navy and white which is close enough.  Love how it looks with the sleeves rolled up.  Just so light and airy – it’s perfect for summer.  Also $68.  By the way, it is a dry clean only shirt.  I NEVER check that but for some reason I did on this one.  But I don’t mind so much.  I end up taking things to the dry cleaner at least once a month anyway.

Finally…oh finally.  The Roxanna Chevron Open Knit Cardigan by TCEC.


I had seen this cardigan popping up on Stitch fixers blogs for months and I was in LOVE with it.  I even requested it last month but Natalie didn’t seem to have any then.  But this month she really came through.  I LOVE this cardigan.  LOVE it.  (Can I say love any more times?)  It cost $58 and is going to be the perfect cardigan to throw over my tank when it gets a little chilly at night.

Ok, so here I was.  Pretty sure I was getting 4 items, and the 5th, the beach tote I may not NEED, was still out there waiting for a decision.  But the thing about Stitch Fix is if you buy EVERYTHING you get a 25% discount.  So those $68 items?  They’re now $51 each.  The $58 cardigan?  $43.50.  The $48 tote?  $36.

I know what you’re thinking.  You are still paying $36 for something you don’t know if you need.  So let’s look at it this way.  If I take my buy all discount, I save $72.50.  The tote cost $48.  If I DON’T take it, I’m going to pay $24.50 MORE for the other 4 items than I would if I take the tote for “free.”

I kept the tote.

So now you know all about my 9th Stitch Fix.  Don’t you think you should try it?  Use my link above and give me some referral money!  🙂


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