A Book a Week: Books 28 and 29

The second book I am going to write about is deserving of it’s own blog.  It’s that good.

The first, however, is called Jane Doe’s Return by Jen Talty.


This is the story of  Travis Brown, who has spent his life trying to find his sister’s rapist and murderer.  He’s also been searching for “Jane Doe” who was another victim of the rapist – the only victim to survive.  The story was ok.  There was nothing WRONG with it.  Except…

There were too many coincidences that just didn’t work for me.  Travis falls in love with his new partner, Shauna, only to find out later…OMG…SHE is Jane Doe!  Really?  He’s stared at this woman’s picture every night for years (8, I believe) and didn’t recognize her or even think she looked similar to Jane Doe at all?

I also thought a man wrote this book – there was a lot of graphic sex (I’m not opposed but it really kind of hurt the story in the long run) and Shauna got sick just days after sleeping with Travis for the first time.  If you didn’t see a pregnancy coming when she thought about the fact she rarely ever takes her birth control pills but told him it was ok for him not to use a condom, you obviously have never had foreshadowing shoved in your face before.

As best I can tell, this story took place over MAYBE two weeks worth of time and our two main characters decide to get married before it’s over.  I just couldn’t connect with that.  Also, the ACTUAL story, the hunt for the killer, took a major back burner to their love story.  Oh, and Shauna is an idiot because who walks into the house where their rapist is on purpose?  No one.  That’s who.  I’m glad this was a free book.

Ok, so that one was a little bit of a disappointment.  The next was not.

I listened to Missing You by Harlan Coben.  I think I’ve mentioned my new-found love for this author.


This is the story of NYPD Detective Kat Donovan.  The book starts out in a bar, with Kat and her friend Stacy (who, I have to tell you, is apparently the most beautiful woman in the entire world and no one can ever compare – basically you know a man wrote her because she simply doesn’t exist in real life).  Anyway, Kat and Stacy are at the bar and a guy comes over and does the world’s WORST pick up lines on them.  Honestly, I laughed but thought “Wow, this book is going to be BAD.”

As it turns out, it was anything but bad.  Once I got past the initial scene I could not wait to be in my car to listen to more more more.  Stacy, worried about Kat’s lack of love life, signs her up for an internet dating site.  Kat is surprised when she finds her ex-fiancee on the site so she contacts him.

The story goes crazy from there.

I’ll admit, there are quite a few coincidences in this book as well, but they were so well written that they were believable.  At first you kind of think it may just be the story of a catfish scheme but it’s so much more.  Kat is looking for her father’s killer, because she knows the man they arrested, who recently died, is NOT the killer.  She’s approached by a teenage boy, Brandon, who is looking for his mother but no one believes she’s missing.  She tries to reconnect with her ex-fiancee but he acts like he doesn’t recognize her, then feeds her some line about letting go of the past.  Nothing makes sense.

And then it all does.

I’ll admit, the final twist in the last 8 minutes of listening to the novel, I saw coming.  But that didn’t make the book any less enjoyable.  I can’t wait to get my next audible credits so I can get another Coben book.

Also, the narrator on audible was wonderful.  I am sometimes disappointed when I listen to books because the narrators don’t seem like part of the story, but January LaVoy is amazing.


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