A Book a week: Books 25, 26, 27

I know, I’m behind.  This is going to be a short entry though.

I listened to two books by Harlan Coben.  I love this author.  Seriously.  I haven’t tried his series about the sports agent because I’m not sure that’s my “style” but I did listen to Hold Tight and The Innocent.

Hold Tight was about parents trying to protect their son.  There are always a lot of coincidences in his novels…things that in real life probably wouldn’t happen but to make the stories flow, it works.  I was a little disappointed because I wanted MORE about the spying software and what they found out about their son by using it (which, when you think about it, the fact they barely found out anything kind of makes it a little better – he wasn’t AS horrid as they thought he was).  It’s a good story.  Not my favorite of his though.

The Innocent was about an ex-con and his wife, who has a lot of secrets.  Again, lots of coincidences in the story.  There were also too many “Main” characters.  I had trouble following it sometimes.  But it was a good story and I think you should read, or listen to, it.  This one was my favorite of his until the one I’m current listening to.  I’ll write a lot more about it later.

Paskagankee by Allan Leverone was the one book I read instead of listened to.  It was a good book but there were a lot of cliches that were a little ridiculous.  Like the state policemen who were idiots.  And the new Chief of Police who “falls in love” with the rookie on his force.  Quite frankly, the person who was responsible for the murders was so…predictable it kind of disappointed me.  Good book though.



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