Toddler Nightmares

Earlier I wrote about how Little C wouldn’t sleep in her own bed.  It seems the problem is more severe than I thought.

Here’s a general time frame of our evenings.  Around 7 pm I give the girls a bath and we start to get ready for bed.  We sing, we read, we play.  Then we rock.  I generally rock them for 2-3 songs (they use my old iPhone and an iHome and listen to the Frozen Soundtrack and the Jewel lullaby Cd).  Then I lay little G in her bed and cover her up.  Little C gets put either in her bed or on the floor (whichever place she says she’s going to sleep) and I go downstairs to work on my before bed stuff.

Usually they are in bed by 8.

Sometime between midnight and 4 am, Little C will wake up.  And come running to our bed, which entails going down stairs.  We’ve put out nightlights to light her way.  Luckily she’s really good at stairs or I’d be sleeping right outside her bedroom every night.  Then she sleeps with us.

Two nights ago, she was in bed and I couldn’t sleep so I went to the living room and got on the couch.  She woke up screaming.  Screaming like she was hurt.  Her daddy couldn’t help, she wanted me.  It was then that we realized, she’s having nightmares.

So, what do you do when your toddler is having nightmares?  Google gave me lots of advice, some that I think is probably bad.  So I asked my friends on facebook.  I also got some good advice there but most of it was things we already do.

Nightlight?  check.

Music?  Check.

Sound machine?  Check.

Cool room?  Check.

No food right before bed?  Check.

No soda before bed?  Check (Actually, scratch that, no soda EVER for my girls right now).

And I ask again, what do you do when your toddler is having nightmares?  I comfort her.  I let her sleep with me if that’s the only way she will sleep.  I try to make the scaries not so scary, but right now she won’t tell me what the scaries are.

So for now, we are just going to do what everyone tells me not to do.  We are going to let her dictate how she sleeps after that late night wake up and hope the nightmares go away.

I will admit though, it is cute to wake up to this some mornings:

photo (18)


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