A Book A Week: Books 20, 21 and 22

I’m not keeping up with writing as I’m reading anymore but it’s time for an update.  This time I have two audible books and one kindle book – another freebie.  I love freebies.

The first book was another John Grisham book: The Brethren.


This was the story of some ex-Judges who ended up in prison for various reasons.  They started a scam to get money from closeted rich married men.  It was interesting to see how they made the scam work.  This is also the story of how another man got elected President – how he was chosen, how he was used by certain people in power, how the judges were involved (take a guess —– perhaps the scam?).  It’s a good read, although I listened to it.  I liked it.

Next was The Profiler’s Daughter by PM Steffen.  I received this free from Pixel of Ink.


I have way more to say about books I don’t like than books I do like because, quite frankly, I don’t want anyone to read a bad book.  This wasn’t a BAD book, but it also was not a good one.  So this is about Sky Stone, born socialite, a true “Boston Blue Blood” who works as a psychologist.  She works with the police but is not an officer.  She’s broken.  She had a stillborn child after a car accident at 9 months pregnant (Issue #1: she referred to the loss as a “miscarriage” multiple times…a 9 month still birth is not a miscarriage.  A miscarriage only happens before 20 weeks).  She took off and left the baby’s daddy, a cop, who started dating someone else.  Sky comes home, she’s jealous, even though she left him.  She’s kind of slutty, sleeping with a guy she barely knows and almost sleeping with one she had known awhile.  The ACTUAL story had to do with a young woman being murdered the morning of the Boston Marathon.  But, quite frankly, that story was not well thought out, it wasn’t very well written, it was just…lacking.  The most compelling part of the story was the ending when Sky goes into labor and you realize she doesn’t know who the father of her baby is.  Set up for a sequel.  I won’t read it.

Finally, I read Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho.  Also a freebie.

So it’s about Veronika who tries to commit suicide.  It doesn’t work.  She goes to a mental hospital.  So it’s the story of the mental patients. Veronika is told she’s GOING to die soon because of irreparable damage to her heart.  You learn about some other people in the hospital.  Veronika decides she wants to live.  She escapes with another patient…it’s just a very predictable story.  Especially the end when you find out she’s not going to die.

It took me over a month to finish this book, which was short and should’ve been easy to finish in like, three days, but it was so boring I fell asleep every time I tried to read it.

Let’s hope my next book is better.


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