Twin Love and Jealousy

I feel like I say this all the time but twins are hard.  They are.  I love them.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  But they are hard.

Of course, that can be said of any situation where you have more than one child.  It’s always harder with an extra.  Something I don’t think kids understand is that no matter how many kids there are in a family, parents love them all.  They might love them differently, or more accurately, for different reasons, but they love them all equally.

For example, I love how independent Little G has become.  I love how she “takes care” of her baby dolls like a little mommy.

At the same time, I love how much Little C wants to be held by me.  But I also love her adventurous side, even if I have to be with her when she goes on her adventures.

One day last week, as I dropped them off at “school” my heart broke for Little C.  You see, Little G has become more outgoing recently.  It’s not that C isn’t outgoing, but G is just more so right now.  When I took them inside, G immediately grabbed hands with another little girl and they ran around the room holding onto each other.  C, who was being held by her teacher, watched with a sad look on her face.

Heart BROKEN right there.

I was told after I left, when C got down on the floor, G grabbed her hand and they played together but I just can’t get the look on C’s face out of my head.

This weekend, however, when we were playing with the Little People princesses, Little C had the magic carpet and put Jasmine on it.  I handed her Aladdin and she said “No mommy.”  I waited to see what she was going to do and she ended up grabbing the other Jasmine (we have two of every princess).

After putting both Jasmines on the carpet she told me “Jasmine has a twin.  THEY play together.”  Little G nodded in agreement.


3 thoughts on “Twin Love and Jealousy

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